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Sven B. Schreiber
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Sven B. Schreiber Hard to describe this music... really really hard... and that's what I like most about it. Well, it crosses various genres back and forth, steadily refusing to settle anywhere for a while. Fusion? Post-metal? Math rock? Djent? Avantgarde? Experimental? Hmmm... all of the above in some way, but then again none of them at all. This music is sometimes dangerously close to losing all structure, but as soon as I think that everything will fall apart now - it just doesn't! It's a miracle... just as much as it's a miracle to me how Travis Orbin plays his drums in such an incredible way... Favorite track: The True Article.
Kent N.
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Kent N. One of the most original and unique albums I've ever heard. Creative rhythms, memorable melodies and harmonies, diverse mix of vocals, every instrument stands out on its own. I cannot wait to hear more from these folks. Favorite track: We're Getting Older.
Ethan Tang
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Ethan Tang This song is a journey.
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An attempt to get off-world. Huge thanks to everyone who was down to hang, contribute, listen.


released June 2, 2016

All music written by Instar, which are:

Bass and Synths: Greg Greenberg
Guitars: Doug Van Bevers
Guitars: Nick Maini
Lyrics: Eden Kupermintz
Session drums: Travis Orbin

Guest vocals (Evac): Neil Flavelle (

Guest vocals (We're Getting Older): Hayato Imanishi (, Dan Wieten (

Guest narration (The True Article): Shantel Amundson (

Guest poetry (We're Getting Older): Sarah Blake (

Guest strings (The True Article): Pablo Hopenhayn (

Guest synths (The True Article): Kubbi (

Mixing: Kevin Francis, Polarity Sound Space

Re-amping: Chico Jones, Ohm Recording Facility

Mastering (The True Article, We're Getting Older): Taylor Larson

Mastering (Evac): Adam Nolly Getgood



all rights reserved


Instar Austin, Texas

Narrative prog. Space synths. Star-death beats. Austin/Tel Aviv.

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Track Name: The True Article

Hands taut, I attempt again;
to breathe underwater.
Neck stretched, I am on the hunt;
to catch a strand of fragrance.
When I realize that the veil has lifted,
it is already too late.

Sight shivering, I attempt again;
to make sense of koans.
Heart hammering, I am in the dance;
to catch a brief embrace.
When I realize that the music has begun,
I am already too late.

Mouth-watering, I attempt again;
to sound a perfect note.
Eyes-tearing, I am at wonder;
to hear a quickening beat.
When I realize that the arms are open,
I am already there.
Love warming, I succeed again;I am a particle.
Truth knowing, I am at peace;
I am the madrigal.
When I realize that I'm crying,
I am already smiling.
Track Name: Evac

Love rests on no foundation.
It is an endless ocean,
with no beginning or end.
a suspended ocean,
riding on a cushion of ancient secrets.
All souls have drowned in it,
and now dwell there.
One drop of that ocean is hope,
and the rest is fear.


See em coming
Neon blue eyes
Hear it humming
Fatal disguise

Fear made into form

Each man to his own
Save me don’t wanna die

A key in stone, this unfound door
A way inside
Manipulate, this sense of self
Just close your eyes
And feel the words, we plant inside
It’s me, not you-
-who turned the dial, who brought this on
And guts your name
Reverse the sun, not two but one
Don’t wanna die
It’s me or you, it’s me or you

SOS now they’re coming up from right side
SOS now they’re coming up from behind
SOS now they’re coming up from left side
SOS or we ain’t goin home tonight


...and the rest is fear.
Track Name: We're Getting Older
What if you saw a starship?
If you went to a window and there she was.
The countless lights on her.
The endless night behind her.
The world dwarfed. You as well.
Well you do see her.

Anatawo dakenakutemo.
[You, even if I cannot hold]
Anatawo hanasenakutemo.
[You, even if I can't let go]

(Sarah) the lights,
which are constant. This is how
you know they are not human.
At some point we need the dark.


You imagine the people on the ship
as people because that’s easiest.
You imagine the people on the ship floating
because you want to.

Pulling the horizon behind you.
Don't turn the lighthouse off to see the dark.

You know there must be an outline
to her shadow and that comforts you.

A few days later your husband runs away.
He tries to take you with him
but you can see it's not much of a plan
You can see how small he is,
the edge of the starship
in the window...

Drowned in what I am
It's on and on and
All alone inside
I'm saving all my sanity
And it's not enough to go around
To both of our two worlds
So many days that I feel I've come undone
(We think the night away)
We've come undone
(We think the night away)
Slow dive

In a moment of clarity,
you figure out why the ship has come,
why the ship is empty. It's for you. It's for
everyone. It's an evacuation of your planet.

But she won't take you unwillingly...